Clarity. Transformation. Possibility.

Our goal as a practice is to create moments of true connection and reveal the dynamic potential of each child.

Lumiere Children’s Therapy was founded on the belief that we all have strengths and weaknesses. We believe that education, collaboration, and trust can illuminate the way ahead-a way fortified with knowledge, and carried by hope.

Our mission is not only to provide Speech, Occupational, Physical, Developmental, and Behavioral Therapy but also provide a blueprint for growth, true connection, and trust.


A referral for services can be intimidating. Happily, it gives us a place to begin, where we can build a plan with you and your child to help them realize their potential. We provide a therapeutic plan to address your child’s needs in a nurturing, patient environment. Our top priority is blending your family’s goals with our clinical expertise and knowledge, Lumiere helps create the best support system your child could have.


Once we get started, we have a full complement of services that can support your child on their journey. Lumiere Children’s Therapy offers programs that include social skills groups, a therapeutic preschool, and Speech Therapy, Occupational Therapy, Developmental Therapy, Physical Therapy, and Behavioral Therapy in an interdisciplinary environment to ensure your child gets the best treatment plan available.


In the end, we want as much independence for you and your child as possible. We want you to feel as if your time with us was well spent and that you can continue forward, embracing all that is yet to come. Our goal is to help your family on its journey with empathy, honesty, and expertise.