Lumiere Child Therapy Services

Our services begin with collaboration with your family, helping to create a pathway for your child’s growth and possibility. With so many ways to help your child in small and profound ways, our interdisciplinary team will work with one another to strengthen your child’s treatment plan.

We work with children from birth to 18 years old and provide a variety of therapies to help your child navigate mental, emotional, and physical landscapes as they grow.

Birth to three years old

The first three years of a child’s life is a period of unprecedented growth. So much is happening – your child’s brain is developing, language is forming, body control is emerging – and, amazingly, your child learns how to give and receive love. We love to be a part of the explosion of development. Our Early Intervention program was designed to help infants and toddlers that may need extra assistance because of developmental delays, both physical and mental, diagnosed disabilities, or those that are at a high risk for developmental delays. We work with your child in educational, clinical, and hospital-based visits, as well as in your own home.

Our play-based initial assessment will allow us to get to know your child as well as your family. From there, we will provide you with an accurate recommendation and then will provide each patient with an individual therapist to assist in the necessary services, supported by a network of multi-disciplinary specialists.

The State of Illinois offers an Early Intervention Program, and Lumiere Children’s Therapy is a certified provider. For eligible families, this program is government- funded through The Individuals with Disabilities Education Act (IDEA). If your infant or toddler has a disability or a developmental delay in one or more of these areas, he or she will likely be eligible for this program. We also offer Early Intervention services to those families who do not choose to use the state program.

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Fewer than half of all children with developmental delays are identified before starting school. We want to help children in those preschool years, ages 3 to 5, through our therapeutic programs for children and their families. Our therapists support learning outcomes for children by assisting in the development of social skills, motor skills, appropriate behavioral skills, proper interaction with reading and writing, and the improvement of the ability to manage their personal health and wellness.

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School Age

School brings a fresh set of challenges to children, and we can continue to support your child throughout elementary school. As children become more integrated into their school life, Lumiere works with a team of specialists to ensure that each child is equipped with the proper tools for success. This may mean working with a school resource counselor to identify their specific needs, such as: Individualized Education Programs (IEP), parent/teacher and family conferences, Individual Family Service Plan meetings, and interpretation services. We can perform in-home and on-site visits for school-aged children as needed.